Birds of Victoria Park

As in any patch of scrub or park the number of bird species observed are generally divided into groups based on the most frequently seen to the least seen. Victoria Park is no different. Some birds such as the fantails, thornbills and magpies are residents. Hawks, silver eyes and others are passing through, staying a short time due to seasonal feeding and or breeding. A few are rarely seen.

Being so close to the Moonta township the park has a few species such as the barn owl and New Holland honeyeater residing in the gardens and buildings and venturing across the terrace to the park to feed. The reverse is commonly observed with park residents like the white browed babbler and variegated fairy-wren visiting the town gardens.

Striated Thornbill
Rainbow Bee Eater
Red Wattlebird
Willy Wagtail
Singing Honeyeater
Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
White plumed Honeyeater
New Holland Honeyeater
White-browed Babbler
Magpie Lark