Endangered Species

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Victoria Park Orchids

The park is a haven for some very rare and vulnerable plants and it is important that this site remains safe for them. The vulnerable plants are mostly small shrubs and herbaceous plants such as Cryptandra tomentosa, Vittadinia australasica and Velleia arguta .

Some plants are threatened or endangered species . Small shrubs like Halgania cyania, and orchids; Caladenia brumalis and Eriochilis cucullatus are at risk of extinction so it is vital that these plants in particular are protected from people, other animals and invading plants.

The Friends of Victoria Park monitor plant numbers and remove weeds from areas where orchids and other rare species are growing.

Users of the park are requested to walk only on the established paths.

Dogs will damage vulnerable plants by digging near them. Walkers are requested to keep their (digging) dogs on leads, particularly  in months when moss is evident as these are peak periods for plant growth.