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Old Miners Cottage & Garden

Address: Moonta Mines

Phone: 8825 1891

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The National Trust Miners Cottage is a typical Cornish cottage built about 1870 and furnished in the pre-1900 period.

Built of wattle and daub, mud bricks, clay and limestone and given a coat of plaster and whitewashed, many of these cottages were to be found throughout the mine residential area. Mallee saplings often served for rafters and purlins and the roof itself was usually of wooden palings or shingles later replaced with corrugated iron. The floors were frequently made from packing cases and the internal walls of hessian were covered with paper and whitewashed. The best room always had a double bed with canopy, cedar chest of drawers, and washstand with a set of bedroom china. There would also be a parlour with several cedar chairs, a harmonium, and a book of Wesley's hymns, a family Bible and so on. A typical kitchen had an open fireplace with a camp or colonial oven on one side and a large cauldron on the other.

The garden, although not original has re-created the style of cottage gardens which were established by mining families. The paths of brick and earth and the beds of plants and shrubs provided a picturesque scene. The surrounding stick fence is characteristic of those of the mining era and the time taken for the inspection is approximately 30 minutes.

Miners Cottage is open every day over the school holidays from 1-30 to 4pm.

Note: Should the weather forcast be 37 and above the previous night, all sites except the Tourist Office and Sweet Shop will be closed.