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Association Details


Moonta and District Progress Association Constitution was formally minuted and signed and sent to Office of Consumer and Business Affairs on 16 October 2002.

Business Details

Moonta & District Progress Association Incorporated

ABN 66 807 947 425

Postal Address - PO Box 36

Office Location - Community Activity Centre, Military Road, MOONTA SA 5558

Office Phone : 08 88253870


Certificate of Incorporation

Moonta and District Progress Association's Certificate of Incorporation number A37580, was granted by Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, Adelaide.


An annual membership fee of $10.00 applies.

Management and Sub-Committee structure

The Management Committee comprise:

  • President - Chairperson
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer, and
  • 8 committee members.

Work Groups

Sub-Committees can form work groups to perform tasks. Members of work groups are required to be current members of the Progress Association to comply with the Association's insurance requirements. Work Groups include the Town Beautification Group, Open Gardens and Christmas Pageant Sub Committee


Management Committee Meetings are held at the Moonta Town Hall Gallery of the Arts on the first Wednesday of the month and normally at 7.30pm.

General Meetings are normally held every second month and notice of the meeting is advised in the YP Country Times. 

The Annual General Meeting is held in the month of September.